Welcome to the Tekkerz® Player Development Platform or PDP.

The PDP provides extended support to players and parents by accessing a ‘Video Skills Library’ consisting of 12 levels (beginner to advanced) and 200+ skills for players to practice then master through ongoing coach assessments.

We hope that players, with the support of their parents, will be encouraged to follow the levels and practice their skills as often as they can outside of classes.

For successful completion of each level, a certificate is awarded, but we also hope to see players have the confidence to put into practice the skills learnt in 1v1 training drills and games.

The PDP also gives players and parents access to both individual and group performance information, including reports, videos and photos to track progress and development of their children.

So, as a player or parent, we hope you enjoy the platform and mastering the skills!

Not a Tekkerz baller?


Tekkerz is an intense ‘maximum touch’ football program to develop the technical skills of individual players and overall game play by mastering multiple ball skills using both feet, maximising touches through dynamic passing drills, enhancing ball control and body positioning, improving balance and agility and speeding-up the decision-making process through intense small-sided games.

Tekkerz is a selection-based program and although anyone is welcome to apply for a trial, the coaches decision is final. We run two levels – Development and Elite, so players feel comfortable and can be developed and challenged at the right pace and level.

Tekkerz combines tried-and-tested coaching methods with new coaching approaches to the game, using equipment and concepts never seen in Hong Kong before including video analysis and the ball skills supported by video demos.